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Our Book Bundles include books curated around a particular theme, from celebrating special days and months to highlighting the best books we’ve sent over the past year. Our bundles ship within 3 business days of ordering.

Fiction and nonfiction come together in one package to give you the information and inspiration to achieve your dreams and light up the world!


Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Bundles

We are so excited for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month! To help you celebrate, Jambo Books is offering book bundles featuring books about Asian-Americans. All but two titles are written by Asian-American authors. 

Earth Day Custom Bundles

What a wonderful little planet this Earth is. It’s the home of everything we’ve ever touched or loved. Radical changes are happening on our planet. It’s not too late for us to learn more, make changes and preserve our planet for generations to come. These books teach kids from 4-12 about our environment and about people who have worked hard to conserve it. These bundles make a great gift for your budding environmentalist!

Hispanic Heritage Month Book Bundles

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month we’ll be offering bundles of books by and about Hispanic kids and families. From those who have been here so long that the border has crossed back and forth over them to more recent migrants, people of Hispanic descent have long been part of the critical backbone of our country. Everywhere you look, a person of Hispanic heritage has contributed their expertise, warmth, creativity, skill, laughter, and passion to the American experiment.

The Future is Now Book Bundle – for Jack and Jill Teen Leaders

YOU are the spark that will light up the darkness of the present.

We put this bundle together with our future leaders in mind. These books will help you understand what has gone before and will also help you dream of a different future.

Black History Month Celebration Custom Bundles

Our Black History Month Celebration bundles let you customize your own unique box of Black Excellence. Choose from a gorgeous red, black, and green garland to decorate your space, a puzzle featuring two Black aspiring chefs, a coloring book and of course, exciting books that tell the story of Black culture and liberation in America.